City, Nature, and Beyond. New To Photography? Where to Explore

By Mark Avila Published on December 8, 2014 [embed][/embed]  


Mark Avila graduated from UTSC in June 2014 with a major in Human Geography. He plans to pursue a career in urban development and planning. His hobbies include photography, especially city and landscape photography, which he is very passionate about. Mark enjoys working on his laptop in cafes, listening to music, editing photos, or catching up on a good Korean Drama.


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  1. As a novice photographer myself, I was drawn to your video first by its title and quickly captivated by its content and creativity. It gave me the opportunity to see Toronto through a different lens and provided me with the information needed to experience it myself. I found graffiti alley to be the most interesting. It is constantly changed by more artistic contributions and has seemingly transformed itself into a place of expression and meaning. Graffiti alley is the perfect example of how we shape the places we occupy through our activities within them. Entertaining, informative and well put together, I absolutely loved your video. Excellent work!

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