Month: January 2019

Photo of a billboard that says "Do we care?"

Skid Row Chaperone

Jan 30, 2019. By Nancy Silva. To the left you will see an array / of vibrantly colored tents, / a rainbow lined up in the streets, / but there is no pot of gold here / Watch your step / you are now walking into someone else’s living room.

Walking Street

Jan 30, 2019. By Pam Gwen. Sex tourism today is a $6 billion industry and the country’s most lucrative tourist attraction. “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” is a well-known slogan launched in 2012 by the tourism industry, but I think it’s more complex in the Philippines.
Sunset sky

InterStates on the 5

Jan 17, 2019. By Jamie Azar. I reach down to fiddle with the stereo knob until it reaches an appropriate level of static. Leaning against the wheel, I feel my battered but faithful little white truck hugging a curve in the freeway.

Underneath the Clear Waters

Jan 8, 2019. By Darin Chaichitatorn. I remember telling my parents that I was afraid of the ghosts in the water, but they reassured me that no one had died during the flooding of the dam.