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Street art on TTC.

Moving Alone, Moving Together

Feb 11, 2019. By Tasha Oommen. The word "commute" suggests a form of travel that is repetitive in nature, but my daily travel to work is rarely predictable. Although my route remains unchanged overall, certain irregularities make my mornings susceptible to change. I am not alone—while each passenger’s commute is an individual endeavor, the moment we board the train, we are engaged in a collective movement.
Author's son poses by the UCLA bruin bear statue.

Always on my mind

Feb 3, 2019. By Marisa Rodriguez. Dear Tyler, It’s Friday and I’m finally off work. I get in our car. It’s 5 pm- rush hour on the 405 freeway. 19 miles to go. How was school? Did you have fun? Do you have homework tonight? How was the homework you turned in today? Are you hungry?